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Part Number: 733

USAID Acquisition Regulation

733.103-72 Responsibilities.

733.103-72 Responsibilities.

(a) M/OAA Director. The decision regarding an agency protest shall be made by the M/OAA Director within 30 days from the date a proper protest is filed unless the M/OAA Director determines that a longer period is necessary to resolve the protest, and so notifies the protester in writing. The M/OAA Director shall make his or her decision after personally reviewing and considering all aspects of the case as presented in the protest itself and in any documentation provided by the contracting officer, and after obtaining input and clearance from the Office of the General Counsel's Division for Litigation and Enforcement (GC/LE). The decision shall be in writing and constitutes the final decision of the Agency.

(b) Contracting officer. The contracting officer is responsible for requesting an extension of the time for acceptance of offers as described in (48 CFR) FAR 33.103(f)(2).


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