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Part Number: 715

USAID Acquisition Regulation

715.303-70 Responsibilities of USAID evaluation committees.

715.303-70 Responsibilities of USAID evaluation committees.

(a) Establishment and composition of USAID evaluation committees. A technical evaluation committee shall be established for each proposed procurement. In each case, the committee shall be composed of a chair representing the cognizant technical office, a representative of the contracting office (who shall be a non-voting member of the committee), and representatives from other concerned offices as appropriate.

(b) Technical evaluation procedures.

(1) The contracting officer will receive all proposals and provide to the chair a listing and copies of the technical proposals and instructions for conducting the evaluation.

(2) The chair will promptly call a meeting of the committee to evaluate the proposals received. The evaluation shall be based on the evaluation factors set forth in the solicitation document.

(3) The chair shall prepare and provide to the contracting officer written documentation summarizing the results of the evaluation of each proposal, including an assessment of past performance information in accordance with (48 CFR) FAR 15.305(a)(2). The documentation shall include narrative justification of the evaluation results.

(4) The contracting officer is responsible for reviewing the documentation justifying the evaluation results to determine that it is adequate and complete. The contracting officer shall return a justification determined to be inadequate to the chair for revision.

(5) No member of the USAID evaluation committee shall hold discussions with any offeror before or during the USAID evaluation committee's proceedings, nor shall any information about the proposals be provided to anyone not on the committee without first obtaining the contracting officer's consent.


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