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Part Number: 701

USAID Acquisition Regulation

701.301 Policy.

701.301 Policy.

(a) Responsibility. Subject to the direction of the Administrator, the Director, Bureau for Management, Office of Acquisition and Assistance (“M/OAA Director) is responsible for:

(1) Developing and maintaining necessary uniform procurement policies, procedures, and standards;

(2) Providing assistance to the contracting activities as appropriate;

(3) Keeping the Administrator and Executive Staff fully informed on procurement matters which should be brought to their attention; and

(4) All agency head duties and authorities stated in (48 CFR) FAR subpart 1.3, in accordance with (48 CFR) AIDAR 701.601. These responsibilities include but are not limited to developing, issuing, and maintaining the USAID Acquisition Regulation (“AIDAR”, 48 CFR chapter 7), USAID's supplement to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR chapter 1), in coordination with the Office of the General Counsel and such other offices as may be appropriate.

(b) Applicability.

(1) Unless a deviation is specifically authorized in accordance with subpart 701.4, or unless otherwise provided, the FAR and AIDAR apply to all contracts (regardless of currency of payment, or whether funds are appropriated or non-appropriated) to which USAID is a direct party.

(2) At Missions where joint administrative services are arranged, procuring offices may apply the Department of State Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR chapter 6) for all administrative and technical support contracts except in defined areas. The Bureau for Management, Office of Management Services (M/MS) will furnish the defined areas and administrative guidelines for procurement to the overseas Missions. Administrative and local support services include the procurement accountability, maintenance and disposal of all office and residential equipment and furnishings, vehicles and expendable supplies purchased with administrative and/or technical support funds, either dollars or local currency.


AIDAR Appendix