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Part Number: 1901

Broadcasting Board of Governors Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 1901.4 - Deviations From the FAR

1901.403 Individual deviations.

Deviations from the IAAR or the FAR in individual cases shall be authorized by the Board Procurement Executive or a designee unless FAR 1.405(e) is applicable. The request shall cite the specific part of the IAAR or FAR from which it is desired to deviate; shall set forth the nature of the deviation(s); and shall give the reason for the action requested.

1901.404 Class deviations.

Class deviations affecting more than one contracting action shall be authorized only by the Board Procurement Executive, unless FAR 1.405(e) is applicable, and shall be subject to the limitations set forth in FAR 1.404. Requests shall include the same information as cited in 1901.403.

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