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Part Number: 606

Department of State Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 606.5—Advocates for Competition

Subpart 606.5—Advocates for Competition

606.501 Requirement.

(a) The Procurement Executive is the head of the agency for the purposes of FAR 6.501 and designates the Department Advocate for Competition.

(b) A contracting activity advocate for competition has been designated for A/LM/AQM. A/LM/AQM's advocate for competition is also designated the contracting activity advocate for competition for the Regional Procurement Support Offices. The Department Advocate for Competition is the activity advocate for competition for all other domestic contracting activities.

606.501-70 Overseas posts.

The Management Officer at each overseas post is the advocate for competition for that post.

606.570 Solicitation provision.

The contracting officer shall insert the provision at 652.206–70, Advocate for Competition/Ombudsman, in all solicitations exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold.