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Part Number: 606

Department of State Acquisition Regulation

606.370 Department of State standardization program.

606.370 Department of State standardization program.

(a) It is the Department's policy to promote full and open competition in all procurement actions. The authority at 41 U.S.C. 3304(a)(1)shall be used with respect to standardization when only specified makes and models of equipment will satisfy the Department's needs and only one source is available. This policy applies to all acquisitions involving standardization, regardless of dollar amount.

(b) Contracts awarded under the authority at 41 U.S.C. 3304(a)(1)shall be supported by the written justification described in FAR 6.303. The contracting officer, requirements office, procuring activity advocate for competition, and the Procurement Executive shall approve all Justifications for Other than Full and Open Competition that cite standardization of technical equipment as justification to restrict competition. The Management Officer at each post is the procuring activity advocate for competition for that post and the requirements office at post is the embassy functional office responsible for identifying the need to contract.

(c) Procurement of specified makes and models of technical equipment and systems, for which there is only one source of supply, is considered other than full and open competition. Such procurements shall be supported by an approved Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition. The justification shall include the content requirements of FAR 6.303–2. The justification shall also address potential cost savings in areas such as inventory, operations, training, maintenance, repairs, and administrative and management support. Areas of consideration for potential cost savings shall be supported by detailed estimates as attachments to the justification. Justifications shall specify an effective period, which shall bear a reasonable relationship to the life of the technical equipment. The effective period shall not exceed six years with a review at the end of the first three years. Periodic reviews shall be made during the standardization period to determine whether the standardization should be continued, revised or canceled.