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Part Number: 2945

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 2945.1 - General

2945.104 Review and correction of contractors' property control systems.

When the Government's property administrator determines that review and approval of the contractor's property control system rests with DOL, the Government's property administrator must review the system to determine whether the contractor will be able to meet the requirements of FAR 45.104. The review must be completed, signed by the appointed property administrator, and retained in the contract file.

2945.105 Records of Government property.

Contracting officers must maintain a file on any Government-furnished property (GFP) in the possession of contractors. As a minimum, the file must contain the following:

(a) A copy of the applicable portions of the contract that list the GFP;

(b) Contracting officer's letters assigning the GFP administrator to the contract;

(c) Written evidence that the contractor's property control system was reviewed and approved as required by FAR 45.104;

(d) If applicable, documentation of the request and approval or denial of the contractor's requests to acquire or fabricate special test equipment in accordance with FAR 45.307 or other property;

(e) The contractor's written notice of receipt of the GFP and any reported discrepancies thereto, as required by FAR 45.502-1 and 45.502-2, respectively;

(f) Any other documents pertaining to or affecting the status of the GFP in the possession of contractors or subcontractors under the contract;

(g) Documentation of the screening and disposal of all GFP as required by FAR 45.6.