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Part Number: 2909

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 2909.5 - Organizational and Consultant Conflicts of Interest

2909.503 Waiver.

(a) The Senior Procurement Executive is delegated authority by the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management to waive any general rule or procedure in FAR 9.5 when its application in a particular situation would not be in the Government's best interest.

(b) Requests for waivers must be made by the HCA to the PE. Each request must include:

(1) An analysis of the facts involving the potential or actual conflict including benefits and detriments to the Government and prospective contractors;

(2) A discussion of the factors which preclude avoiding, neutralizing, or mitigating the conflict; and

(3) Identification of the provision(s) in FAR 9.5 to be waived.

(c) In making determinations under this subpart the Senior Procurement Executive must request the opinion of the Office of the Solicitor, Division of Legislation and Legal Counsel.

2909.506 Procedures.

(a) If a prospective contractor disagrees with the decision of a contracting officer regarding an organizational conflict of interest and requests higher level review as referred to in FAR 9.506, the matter must be referred to the Office of the Solicitor, Associate Solicitor for Legislation and Legal Counsel, and the Director, Division of Acquisition Management Services.

(b) Referrals must be made by the HCA concerned and include the contracting officer's decision and the position of the prospective contractor.