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Part Number: 2952

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2952.201-70 Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR).

Insert the following clause into contracts requiring COTR representation under 2901.603.71:

Contracting officer's technical representative (COTR) May 2004

(a) Mr./Ms. (Name) of (Organization) (Room No.), (Building), (Address), (Area Code & Telephone No.), is hereby designated to act as contracting officer's technical representative (COTR) under this contract.

(b) The COTR is responsible, as applicable, for: receiving all deliverables; inspecting and accepting the supplies or services provided hereunder in accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract; providing direction to the contractor which clarifies the contract effort, fills in details or otherwise serves to accomplish the contractual scope of work; evaluating performance; and certifying all invoices/vouchers for acceptance of the supplies or services furnished for payment.

(c) The COTR does not have the authority to alter the contractor's obligations under the contract, and/or modify any of the expressed terms, conditions, specifications, or cost of the agreement. If, as a result of technical discussions, it is desirable to alter/change contractual obligations or the scope of work, the contracting officer must issue such changes.