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Part Number: 2923

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2923.271 Purchase and use of environmentally sound and energy efficient products and services.

The Department will implement policies and procedures that comply with the intent and specific goals mandated by the following statutes and executive orders and any other issuances as may be mandated to maximize cost efficient energy management:

(a) The GSA Federal Supply Schedule Products Guide identifies the recycled and recycled-content items available in the GSA FSS supply system. Copies of the guide may be obtained, without cost, from the GSA, Centralized Mailing List Service, P.O. Box 6477, Fort Worth, Texas, 76115, or by calling (817) 334-5215. See also GSA Advantage! at:

(b) Executive Order 13123, Greening the Government Through Efficient Energy Management, dated June 8, 1999, requires agencies to select for procurement those energy consuming goods or products which are the most life cycle cost-effective (see FAR 7.101). Green purchasing includes the acquisition of recycled content products, environmentally preferable products and services, biobased products, energy- and water-efficient products, alternate fuel vehicles, and products using renewable energy.

(1) To the extent practicable, each program official must require vendors of goods or products to provide appropriate data that can be used to assess the life cycle cost of each good or product, including building energy system components, lighting systems, office equipment and other energy using equipment.

(2) In preparing solicitations and evaluating and selecting offers for award, contracting personnel must consider the life cycle cost data along with other relevant evaluation criteria. If life cycle costing is not used, the contract file must be documented to reflect the rationale for not obtaining and evaluating the data.

(c) Executive Order 13101, Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition, dated September 14, 1998, requires agencies to comply with executive branch policies for the acquisition and use of environmentally preferable products and services and implement cost-effective procurement preference programs favoring the purchase of these products and services.

(d) Executive Order 13148, Greening the Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management Systems, dated April 21, 2000. This Executive Order assists with developing an environmental management system. The following sources are provided as references for the subject matter indicated:

(1) The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive provides references to all greening the Government executive orders, web links to other relevant cites, and information on biobased and bioenergy products.

(2) The Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines program is part of the Environmental Protection Agency's continued effort to promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste. This listing provides information on products made from recycled materials, such as the carpeting and insulation used in office buildings, or reams of office paper.

(3) ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. See also

(4) The Alternative Fuels Data Center is a one-stop shop for agency alternative fuel and vehicle information needs.

(5) The Defense Logistics Agency has created an electronic mall for buying environmentally preferable products.