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Change Number: 2023-0201
Effective Date: 02/01/2023



( Revised June 9, 2021 through PROCLTR 20 21-11 )

15.303 Responsibilities.

(a) For acquisitions valued at $1 billion or greater, the SPE shall appoint the the the Source Selection Authority (SSA), who shall be at the Senior Executive Service/General Officer/Flag Officer (SES/GO/FO) level. For acquisitions greater than or equal to $100 million and less than $1 billion, the HCA is authorized to appoint the SSA. The HCA may delegate SSA appointment authority no lower than the CCO. For acquisitions estimated between $10 million and $100 million, the SSA will be the contracting officer unless the HCA or the HCA delegee appoints someone else.

(c)(3)(i) Contracting officers shall include procurement note L08 in solicitations when using the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) to evaluate offerors’ past performance for best value source selections valued under $10 million.


L08 Use of Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) in Past Performance Evaluations (JUN 2020)

(1) The Government will use the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) ( ) (formerly Past Performance Information Retrieval System – Statistical Reporting (PPIRS-SR)) to evaluate suppliers’ past performance.

(2) SPRS collects quality and delivery data on previously awarded contracts and orders from existing Department of Defense reporting systems to classify each supplier’s performance history by Federal supply class (FSC) and product or service code (PSC). The SPRS application provides the contracting officer quantifiable past performance information regarding a supplier's quality and delivery performance for the FSC and PSC of the supplies the Government is purchasing.

(3) The contracting officer will use the quality and delivery classifications identified for a supplier in SPRS to evaluate a supplier’s past performance in conjunction with the supplier’s references (if requested). The Government will use this past performance information in accordance with the basis for award stated in the solicitation.

(4) SPRS generates classifications daily for each contractor. The SPRS Software User's Guide for Awardees/Contractors ( ) and the SPRS Government User Guide ( ) provide instructions for accessing SPRS classifications. Contractors have access to SPRS for their own classifications only. Suppliers are encouraged to review their own classifications; the SPRS reporting procedures and classification methodology detailed in the SPRS Software User's Guide for Awardees/Contractors ( ); and the SPRS Evaluation Criteria ( ). The SPRS Software User's Guide for Awardees/Contractors ( ) provides the method to challenge a rating generated by SPRS.


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