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Part Number: 833

Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations

Subpart 833.2 - Disputes and Appeals

Subpart 833.2 - Disputes and Appeals

833.209 Suspected fraudulent claims.

The contracting officer must refer matters relating to suspected fraudulent claims to the Office of Inspector General for investigation and potential referral to the Department of Justice. The contracting officer may not initiate any collection, recovery, or other settlement action while the matter is in the hands of the Department of Justice without first obtaining the concurrence of the U.S. Attorney concerned, through the Office of the Inspector General.

833.211 Contracting officer's decision.

(a) For purposes of appealing a VA contracting officer's final decision, the Board of Contract Appeals referenced in FAR 33.211(a) and elsewhere in this subpart is the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA), 1800 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20405.

833.213 Obligation to continue performance.

(a) As provided in FAR 33.213, contracting officers shall use FAR clause 52.233-1, Disputes, or with its Alternate I. FAR clause 52.233-1 requires the contractor to continue performance in accordance with the contracting officer's decision in the event of a claim arising under a contract. Alternate I expands this authority, adding a requirement for the contractor to continue performance in the event of a claim relating to the contract.

(b) In the event of a dispute not arising under, but relating to, the contract, as permitted by FAR 33.213(b), if the contracting officer directs continued performance and considers providing financing for such continued performance, the contracting officer shall contact OGC for advice prior to requesting higher level approval for or authorizing such financing. The contracting officer shall document in the contract file any required approvals and how the Government's interest was properly secured with respect to such financing (see FAR 32.202-4 and VAAR subpart 832.2).

833.214 Alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Contracting officers and contractors are encouraged to use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures. Guidance on ADR may be obtained at the U.S. Civilian Board of Contract Appeals website:

833.215 Contract clauses.

The contracting officer shall use the clause at 52.233-1, Disputes, or with its Alternate I (see 833.213).