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Part Number: 817

Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations

817.7001 Definitions.

817.7001 Definitions.

As used in this subpart -

(a) Contract action includes:

(1) Contracts and contract modifications for supplies or services.

(2) Task orders and delivery orders.

(3) It does not include change orders, administrative changes, funding modifications, or any other contract modifications that are within the scope and under the terms of the contract, e.g., engineering change proposals and value engineering change proposals.

(b) Definitization means the agreement on, or determination of, contract terms, specifications, and price, which converts the undefinitized contract action to a definitive contract.

(c) Definitization proposal means a proposal containing sufficient data for the VA to do complete and meaningful analyses and audits of the -

(1) Data in the proposal; and

(2) Any other data that the contracting officer has determined VA needs to review in connection with the contract.

(d) Undefinitized contract action means any contract action for which the contract terms, specifications, or price are not agreed upon before performance is begun under the action. Examples are letter contracts and orders under basic ordering agreements for which the final price has not been agreed upon before performance has begun.