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Part Number: 334

Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation

334.202 Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs).

(a) An IBR normally should be conducted as a post-award activity. A pre-award IBR may be conducted only if -

(1) The acquisition plan contains documentation that demonstrates the need and rationale for a pre-award IBR, including an assessment of the impact on the source selection schedule and the expected benefits;

(2) The use of a pre-award IBR is approved in writing by the head of the contracting activity prior to the issuance of the solicitation;

(3) The source selection plan and solicitation specifically addresses how the results of a pre-award IBR will be used during source selection, including any weight to be given to it in source evaluation; and

(4) Specific arrangements are made, and budget authority is provided, to compensate all offerors who prepare for or participate in a pre-award IBR; and the solicitation informs prospective offerors of the means for and conditions of such compensation.