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Part Number: 1001

Department of Treasury Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 1001.1 - Purpose, Authority, Issuance

1001.101 Purpose.

This subpart establishes Chapter 10, the Department of the Treasury Acquisition Regulation (DTAR), within Title 48 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) System. The DTAR contains policies and procedures that supplement FAR coverage and directly affect the contractual relationship between the Department of the Treasury and its business partners (e.g., prospective offerors/bidders and contractors). When FAR coverage is adequate, there will be no corresponding DTAR coverage.

1001.104 Applicability.

The DTAR applies to all acquisitions of supplies and services, which obligate appropriated funds. For acquisitions made from non-appropriated funds, the Senior Procurement Executive will determine the rules and procedures that will apply. The DTAR does not apply to the acquisitions of the U.S. Mint.

1001.105 Issuance.

1001.105-1 Publication and code arrangement.

The DTAR and its subsequent changes will be published in the Federal Register and codified in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The DTAR will be issued as 48 CFR Chapter 10.

1001.105-2 Arrangement of regulations.

(a) References and citations. The DTAR is divided into the same parts, subparts, sections, subsections, and paragraphs as the FAR except that 10 or 100 will precede the DTAR citation so that there are four numbers to the left of the first decimal. Reference to DTAR material must be made in a manner similar to that prescribed by FAR 1.105-2(c).

1001.105-3 Copies.

Copies of the DTAR in Federal Register or CFR form may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office (GPO), Washington, DC 20402.

1001.106 OMB Approval under the Paperwork Reduction Act.

OMB has assigned the following control numbers that must appear on the upper right corner of the face page of each solicitation, contract, modification, and order: OMB Control No. 1505-0081 (Offeror submissions), OMB Control No. 1505-0080 (Contractor submissions), OMB Control No. 1505-0107 (Protests). OMB regulations and OMB's approval and assignment of control numbers are conditioned upon Treasury bureaus not requiring more than three copies (including the original) of any document of information. OMB has granted a waiver to permit the Department to require up to eight copies of proposal packages, including proprietary data, for solicitations, provided that contractors who submit only an original and two copies will not be placed at a disadvantage.

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