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Part Number: 1034

Department of Treasury Acquisition Regulation

1034.004 Acquisition strategy.

(a) A program manager's acquisition strategy written at the system or investment level in accordance with FAR 7.103(e) shall include at a minimum:

(1) The relationship of each individual acquisition (Contract, Delivery Order, Task Order, or Interagency Agreement) to the overall investment requirements and management structure;

(2) What work is being performed in-house (by government personnel) versus contracted out for the investment;

(3) A description of the effort, by acquisition, and the plans to include required clauses in the acquisitions;

(4) A timetable of major acquisition award and administration activities, including plans for contract transitions;

(5) An investment/system surveillance plan;

(6) Financial and human resource requirements to manage the acquisition processes through the investment lifecycle;

(7) Consideration of optimal contract types, including considerations of performance based approaches, small business utilization, Section 508, etc.; and

(8) Assurances that the acquisition strategy section and supporting acquisition plans will maximize competition, including enabling downstream competition through avoidance of vendor “lock in”.

(b) The acquisition strategy shall be approved by a chartered interdisciplinary acquisition team that includes a representative of the procurement organization designated in accordance with bureau procedures.

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