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Part Number: 604

Department of State Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 604.71—Procurement Quality Assurance Program

Subpart 604.71—Procurement Quality Assurance Program

Source: 80 FR 6916, Feb. 9, 2015, unless otherwise noted.

604.7101 Purpose.

A procurement quality assurance program is essential to the effective operation of each domestic contracting activity. Each domestic contracting activity and RPSO shall develop a quality assurance plan for review and approval of contract actions to ensure that all requirements of law, regulation, Departmental policy, and sound procurement practices are met, the taxpayer's interests are adequately protected, and the Department's mission is well-served. Post quality assurance includes A/OPE review of actions exceeding warrant levels and Staff Assistance Visits (SAVs).

604.7102 Contracting activity reviews.

604.7102-1 Peer reviews.

All contract actions above the simplified acquisition threshold shall be independently reviewed by at least one other qualified contracting professional. This includes solicitations, contracts, contract modifications, and delivery/task orders. This requirement is waived for overseas posts and RPSOs that have only one qualified contracting professional.

604.7102-2 Form and scope of review

(a) The review shall focus on both compliance with statutory/regulatory requirements as well as good contracting practices. Reviews shall be included in the official contract file along with documentation regarding the actions taken in response to the review.

(b) Reviews should be limited in time to prevent unnecessary procurement lead-time, but thorough in scope, considering all documents in the contract file and all relevant contracting issues. Checklists may be used to facilitate a thorough review, as appropriate.

604.7102-3 Approval.

The solicitation, contract, or contract modification being reviewed shall not be issued until all review comments requiring corrective action are satisfactorily resolved. Waivers shall not be granted except in unusual circumstances, and shall be approved in advance by the head of the contracting activity.

604.7103 Review by Assistant Legal Adviser for Buildings and Acquisitions (L/BA).

(a) L/BA shall review solicitations, contract awards, and delivery orders against GSA Federal Supply Schedule contracts exceeding $1 million that are generated by domestic contracting activities, including RPSOs. L/BA shall also review domestic contract modifications exceeding $1 million if the scope or ceiling of the contract may be in question. This review is not required for modifications exercising priced options, incremental funding modifications, and similar actions that do not involve questions regarding the scope or ceiling of the contract.

(b) L/BA shall also review and approve any nonpersonal services contract, purchase order or blanket purchase agreement to be awarded to an individual who is a U.S. citizen.