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Part Number: 604

Department of State Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 604.70—Contract Review

Subpart 604.70—Contract Review

Source: 80 FR 6916, Feb. 9, 2015, unless otherwise noted.

604.7001 Policy.

The contracting officer shall review each proposed contractual document and its supporting file for completeness and accuracy. Each contract file shall contain all pertinent information applicable to the proposed action. Each contract file should be in sufficient detail to permit reconstruction of all significant events by any subsequent reviewer without referral to the individual responsible for the contractual action.

604.7002 Procedures.

(a) Overseas contracting activities.

(1) A/OPE reviews all procurements that exceed the warrant levels of post contracting officers. Post contracting officers may request A/OPE review and assistance for transactions below this level.

(2) Personal services agreements. Prior A/OPE approval is not applicable to personal services agreements, as they are not subject to procurement statute and regulation.

(b) Domestic contracting activities and Regional Procurement Support Offices. A/OPE reviews domestic acquisitions as described in the A/LM/AQM Quality Assurance Plan.

(c) Delegation or waiver. The Procurement Executive may delegate or waive the review requirements. In such instances, the Procurement Executive shall provide to each head of the contracting activity, as appropriate, a written delegation or waiver of these requirements.