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Part Number: 603

Department of State Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 603.1—Safeguards

Subpart 603.1—Safeguards

Source: 64 FR 43620, Aug. 11, 1999, unless otherwise noted.

603.104 Procurement integrity.

603.104-4 Disclosure, protection, and marking of contractor bid or proposal information and source selection information.

(a) The following classes of persons may be authorized to receive contractor bid or proposal information or source selection information by the contracting officer or head of the contracting activity, when such access is necessary to the conduct of an acquisition:

(1) Individuals involved in the selection process, such as the Contracting Officer's Representative, technical evaluators, advisors, consultants, and the Source Selection Official;

(2) Clerical personnel directly involved in the acquisition;

(3) Supervisors in the contracting officer's chain of command;

(4) Contracting personnel involved in reviewing or approving the solicitation, contract, or contract modification;

(5) Individuals from offices who may be required to perform pre-award audits, such as DCAA; and,

(6) Personnel in the following offices: Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU), Office of the Legal Adviser, Office of Legislative Affairs, Office of the Inspector General, Office of the Procurement Executive, the Small Business Administration, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (Department of Labor).

(c) All information which is considered proprietary or source selection information shall be marked to prevent its unauthorized disclosure before award. This may be performed by marking each page of proprietary or source selection material with the statement “Source Selection Information—See FAR 3.104” or “Proprietary Information—See FAR 3.104”, as applicable. Alternatively, this requirement may be met by attaching Forms DS–1926, Proprietary Information (Cover Page), and DS–1927, Source Selection Information (Cover Page), to any proprietary and source selection information. Individuals responsible for preparing derivative documents which reference, cite, or paraphrase proprietary or source selection information, are responsible for marking such documents as indicated in this paragraph. The required marking or cover page shall be included when technical proposals are submitted for evaluation and when an audit is requested. After award, the procedures governing the Freedom of Information Act and related laws/regulations shall be followed regarding release of proprietary or source selection information.

603.104-7 Violations or possible violations.


(1) The contracting officer shall report any violation or possible violation to the head of the contracting activity after he or she has reviewed the documentation and has concluded that there is no impact on the acquisition.

(d)(2)(ii)(B) The Procurement Executive is the agency head's designee for the purposes of FAR 3.104–7(d)(2)(ii)(B).