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Part Number: 625

Department of State Acquisition Regulation

625.7001 Policy.

625.7001 Policy.

(a) Section 565 of the Fiscal Year 94/95 Foreign Relations Authorizations Act (Public Law 103–236) prohibits the Department of State from entering into any contract that expends funds appropriated to the Department of State:

(1) With a foreign person that complies with the Arab League Boycott of Israel; or,

(2) With any foreign or United States person that discriminates in the award of subcontracts on the basis of religion.

(b) This authority has continuing effect. Section 565 requires specific language to be included in all Invitations for Bids and Requests for Proposals with respect to a contract subject to Section 565's prohibitions.

(c) Section 565 may be waived on a country-by-country basis if such a waiver is in the national interest and necessary to carry on diplomatic functions and is approved by the Secretary of State or his/her designee.