List of Sections Affected

FAC 2023-03 May 26, 2023
Section Description of Change Case Number

In section 1.106 amend the table by removing FAR segment “8.5” and the corresponding OMB Control Number “9000–0113”.

FAR Case 2022–007
1.109 (c)(1)

Amend section 1.109 by revising paragraph (c)(1).

FAR Case 2022–002
7.403 (c)(1)

Amend section 7.403 by removing from paragraph (c)(1) “(​sites/​​files/​omb/​circular…)” and adding “(​wp-content/uploads/​legacy_​drupal_​files/​… )” in its place.​

Technical Amendments
8.003 (d)

Amend section 8.003 by removing paragraph (e).

FAR Case 2022–007
Subpart 8.5 [Reserved]

Remove and reserve subpart 8.5, consisting of sections 8.500 through 8.505.

FAR Case 2022–007
51.102 (c)(3), (c)(4), (e)(3)(i) and (e)(3)(ii)

Amend section 51.102 by—

a. Removing from the end of paragraph (c)(3) “20420;” and adding “20420; or” in its place; b. Removing paragraph (c)(4);

c. Redesignating paragraph (c)(5) as paragraph (c)(4);

d. Removing from the newly redesignated paragraph (c)(4) the words “(1) through (4) above” and adding the phrase “paragraphs (c)(1) through (c)(3) of this section” in its place;

e. Removing from the end of paragraph (e)(3)(i) the word “DoD;” and adding “DoD; and” in its place;

f. Removing from the end of paragraph (e)(3)(ii) the word “and”; and g. Removing paragraph (e)(3)(iii).

FAR Case 2022–007
52.208-8 [Reserved]

Remove and reserve section 52.208–8.

FAR Case 2022–007