PGI 225.770-4 Identifying USML items.

(1) The 21 categories of items on the United States Munitions List (USML) can be found at…. Where applicable, the categories also contain a statement with regard to the coverage of components and parts of items included in a category. For example, a category may include all components and parts of covered items, or only those components and parts specifically designed or modified for military use.

(2) In addition to the list of covered items, the USML provides explanation of terms needed to determine whether a particular item is or is not covered by the USML.

(3) Within DoD, the experts on export control and the USML are in the Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA).

(i) Official authorities and responsibilities of DTSA are in DoD Directive 5105.72, available at

(ii) Additional information on DTSA and a correspondence link are available at