Subpart 1242.1—Contract Audit Services

1242.101 Contract audit responsibilities.

(b) It is DOT policy that private certified public accounting (CPA) firms may be used to provide audit services as described in FAR 42.101 to DOT contracting officers when procurement schedule demands cannot be met by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) or the agency with audit cognizance.

1242.102 Assignment of contract audit services.

(b) In accordance with 1242.101, when the responsible audit agency declines a request for services, DOT contracting officers may utilize audit services from commercial CPA firms as authorized in 1242.101.

1242.170 Contract clause.

The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 1252.242–74, Contract Audit Support, in solicitation and contracts when other than firm-fixed-price contracts are contemplated.

Subpart 1242.2—Contract Administration Services

1242.270 Contract clauses.

(a) The contracting officer may use the clause at 1252.242–70, Dissemination of Information–Educational Institutions, in lieu of the clause at 1252.242–72, Dissemination of Contract Information, in DOT research contracts with educational institutions, except contracts that require the release or coordination of information.

(b) The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 1252.242–71, Contractor Testimony, in all solicitations and contracts issued by NHTSA. Other OAs may use the clause as deemed appropriate.

(c) The contracting officer may insert the clause at 1252.242–72, Dissemination of Contract Information, in all DOT contracts except contracts that require the release or coordination of information.

Subpart 1242.3—Contract Administration Office Functions

1242.302 Contract administration functions.

(a) If a cognizant Federal agency has not performed the functions identified in FAR 42.302(a)(5), (9), (11), and (12), then DOT contracting officers are authorized to perform these functions with the assistance of the cognizant government auditing agency, if assigned and available to provide support in a timely manner. If the cognizant government auditing agency is not assigned and/or available in the necessary timeframe, DOT contracting officers may use the audit services of a CPA firm.

(13) The assignment of contract administration to a Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) office by the contracting officer does not affect the designation of the paying office unless a transfer of DOT funds to the agency of the Contract Administration Office (CAO) is effected, and the funds are converted to the CAO agency's account for payment purposes. When the contracting officer proposes to delegate the contract payment function to another agency (e.g., DCMA), the contracting officer shall discuss the transfer of funds procedures with the cognizant OA payment office. The CAO, the contracting officer, or the designated contract specialist in the contracting office shall review and approve the invoices and vouchers under the assigned contracts. The review and approval of invoices under cost-reimbursement and time-and-materials type contracts cannot be delegated to the Contracting Officer's Representative.

Subpart 1242.15—Contractor Performance Information

1242.1503 Procedures.


(1) Each OA is responsible for assigning responsibility and management accountability for the completeness of past performance submissions as required in FAR 42.1503(a).