Subpart 1901.6 - Contracting Authority and Responsibilities

1901.601 General.

The Director, Office of Contracts, is designated the Board Procurement Executive. The Board Procurement Executive is delegated the full delegable authority of the Director of this Board with respect to the acquisition of goods and services by contract and such other methods as may be prescribed in the FAR. The Board Procurement Executive is delegated overall responsibility by the Director for the Board's contracting activities.

1901.602 Contracting officers.

1901.602-1 Authority.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors Contracting Officers designated by name on Certificates of Appointment by the Board Procurement Executive are authorized to enter into, administer, and terminate contracts and make related determinations and findings, subject to all requirements and limitations set forth in the Certificate of Appointment. A list of the Broadcasting Board of Governors employees who have been appointed as Contracting Officers and the limits of their authority is available from the Policy and Procedures Staff, Office of Contracts.