Subpart 3001.7—Determinations and Findings

3001.704 Content.

The following format shall be used for all determinations and findings (D&Fs), unless otherwise specified in the FAR or the HSAR. The contracting officer is responsible for preparing D&Fs, and requirements and technical personnel are responsible for the accuracy and adequacy of the supporting factual information, which shall be furnished to the contracting officer.

Insert specific information indicated in brackets.

Determination and Findings

Under [insert citation for appropriate statutory and/or regulatory basis for D&F], the Department of Homeland Security, [insert contracting activity], is granted authority to [insert nature and/or description of the action being approved].


[Findings that detail the particular circumstances, facts, or reasoning essential to support the determination.]


[A determination, based on the findings, that the proposed action is justified under the applicable statute or regulation.] [Expiration date of the D&F, if required.]

[Signature of authorized official]

Name and Title

[month, day, and year]