Subpart 613.3—Simplified Acquisition Methods

613.302 Purchase orders.

613.302-1 General.

(d) The contracting officer shall distribute copies of each purchase order in conformance with subpart 604.2.

613.302-5 Clauses.

The contracting officer shall ensure that the appropriate clauses prescribed in FAR part 13 are added or incorporated by reference on all purchase orders with both U.S. and foreign vendors.

613.302-5-70 DOSAR clauses.

In addition to the appropriate FAR clauses, each purchase order shall incorporate all DOSAR clauses required for or applicable to the acquisition. The DOSAR clauses may be incorporated by reference.

613.303 Blanket purchase agreements (BPAs).

613.303-1 General.

BPAs shall not be used to acquire pest control services.

613.303-5 Purchases under BPAs.

(b) Individual purchases under BPAs for commercial items may exceed the simplified acquisition threshold; however, the higher threshold must be consistent with the requirements of FAR 13.303–5(b)

(1) and (2).

(c) In accordance with FAR 13.303–5(c), BPAs shall be awarded to small businesses to the maximum extent practicable.

613.303-6 Review procedures.

(a) Contracting officers shall conduct an annual internal review to ensure that authorized BPA procedures are being followed and report the results of the review, including needed corrective action, to the head of the contracting activity.

613.305 Imprest funds and third party drafts.

613.305-3 Conditions for use.

The Procurement Executive is the agency head's designee for the purposes of FAR 13.305–3(a).

613.307 Forms.

(b)(2) Other than commercial items. The OF–347 shall be mandatory for use by domestic contracting activities for issuing purchase orders, delivery orders, and BPAs, unless ordering against another Federal agency contract that stipulates a different form (e.g., DD–1155, Order for Supplies or Services:) or, unless the Procurement Executive has approved another form. The OF–347 may also be used as a voucher. In lieu of the OF–347, DOS overseas contracting activities may use the DS–2076, Purchase Order, Receiving Report, and Voucher; and DS–2077, Continuation Sheet. Contracting activities may use the Optional Form (OF) 127, Receiving and Inspection Report, for documenting receipt and inspection.

613.307-70 File folders for purchase orders, delivery orders, blanket purchase agreements, and purchase card transactions.

Contracting officers shall use Forms DS–1918, Purchase Order File; DS–1919, Delivery Order File; DS–1920, Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) File; and DS–3014, Purchase Card Transaction File (Actions Exceeding $3,000 Through $25,000), to record relevant data and document those acquisitions, respectively.