611.602 General.


(1) Authority to use the DPAS is limited to the following circumstances:

(i) The contract or order must be placed with a U.S. firm; and,

(ii) The contract or order must be in support of the DOSESPP, which consists of work involving the security of overseas posts. The DOSESPP includes a wide range of elements of both physical and technical security, such as:

(A) New Embassy/Consulate Compound (NEC/NCC) Program. This program involves the construction of new secure Embassies, Consulates, and related facilities, as well as renovations of newly acquired buildings when used as alternatives to the construction of new secure buildings.

(B) Physical security upgrade. This includes installation of forced entry/ballistic resistant (FE/BR) windows and doors, walls/fences, active anti-ram barriers, bollards (concrete and steel barriers), and related items.

(C) Forced entry/ballistic resistant (FE/BR) components. This includes doors, windows, and related facilities and items that can provide the necessary time to protect Government personnel from attack.

(D) Armored vehicles. This includes passenger vehicles with appropriate armoring.

(E) Entry control and building surveillance equipment. This includes walk-through metal detectors, X-ray equipment, surveillance cameras, explosive detection equipment, and other features to enhance the protection of Government personnel and facilities.

(2) DOC has assigned the following priority rating to DOSESPP contracts or orders: DO-H8.