609.407-3 Procedures.

(a) Investigation and referral. Investigation and referral shall be accomplished as provided in 609.406–3(a), except that referrals made to the suspending official shall cite causes pertinent to a suspension action (see FAR 9.407–2).

(b) Decisionmaking process.

(1) If the contractor does not respond to a notice of suspension within 30 calendar days after receipt of the notice, the suspending official may proceed with completion of investigation.

(2) The DOS decisionmaking process for a suspension action pursuant to FAR 9.407–3(b) follow those established for a debarment action (see 609.406(b)), except that the contractor may request and shall be entitled to a hearing before the fact-finding official only if permitted under FAR 9.407–3(b)(2).

(c) Notice of suspension. Notice of suspension shall be accomplished as provided in 609.406–3(a), except that the suspending official shall process the notice in accordance with FAR 9.407–3(c).

(d) Suspending official's decision. In addition to complying with FAR 9.407–3(d), the suspending official shall provide single copies of the decision to each DOS organizational element affected by the decision.