608.7002 Acquisitions for the Department of State.

(a) A/LM funds and controls the acquisition of official vehicles required by overseas posts. Accordingly, any acquisition of official vehicles by overseas contracting activities must be approved and authorized in advance by A/LM.

(b) GSA is the mandatory source for U.S. manufactured vehicles acquired in the United States. Purchase requests are submitted by A/LM to GSA on behalf of overseas posts. Overseas posts shall use U.S. manufactured vehicles unless justified as described in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Overseas posts may acquire non-U.S. manufactured vehicles only in special cases that are approved in advance. Requests to purchase non-U.S. manufactured vehicles may be justified under the conditions specified in 6 FAM 228.9–3(B)(c). The request shall be submitted to A/LM for approval. If approval is granted to acquire non-U.S. manufactured vehicles from the local economy, overseas posts shall follow the normal procedures in the FAR.

(d) Standardization of motor vehicles shall follow the procedures in 606.370.