909.405 Effect of listing.

(e) The Department of Energy may not solicit offers from, award contracts to or consent to subcontracts with contractors debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment unless the Senior Procurement Executive makes a written determination justifying that there is a compelling reason for such action in accordance with 48 CFR 9.405(a). For NNSA, the Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA) makes the written determination justifying the compelling reason.

(f) DOE or NNSA may disapprove or not consent to the selection (by a contractor) of an individual to serve as a principal investigator, as a project manager, in a position of responsibility for the administration of Federal funds, or in another key personnel position, if the individual is listed in the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS).

(g) DOE or NNSA shall not conduct business with an agent or representative of a contractor if the agent's or representative's name is listed in the EPLS.

(h) DOE or NNSA shall review the EPLS before conducting a pre-award survey or soliciting proposals, awarding contracts, renewing or otherwise extending the duration of existing contracts, or approving or consenting to the award, extension, or renewal of subcontracts.