Subpart 1318.2 - Emergency Acquisition Flexibilities

1318.201 Contingency operation.

The designee authorized to serve as the Head of the Agency under FAR 18.201(b) and (c) is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

1318.202 Defense or recovery from certain attacks.

The designee authorized to serve as the Head of the Agency under FAR 18.202(a), (b) and (c) is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

1318.270 Emergency acquisition flexibilities.

(a) Authorizing emergency acquisition flexibilities. The process for authorizing the use of emergency procurement flexibilities within the Department of Commerce may vary depending on the nature and type of the emergency situation. However, generally, if a Senior Bureau Procurement Official (BPO) determines that emergency acquisition flexibilities are required to meet contracting needs during an emergency situation, the BPO must obtain the Senior Procurement Executive's concurrence. In the event that increased warrant authority is needed, the BPO should contact the Senior Procurement Executive.

(b) Continuity of Operations Plan. Each Contracting Activity shall have an updated Continuity of Operations Plan, in place designating emergency personnel with warrant levels.

(c) Management controls. Senior BPOs must take affirmative steps to ensure that emergency flexibilities are used solely for requirements that have a clear and direct relationship to the emergency situation, and that appropriate management controls are established and maintained to support the use of the increased thresholds. The Office of Acquisition Management will conduct periodic reviews of transactions made pursuant to the expanded authorities to evaluate whether the transactions:

(1) Were in support of the emergency situation;

(2) Were made by an authorized individual;

(3) Were appropriately documented; and

(4) Provided the maximum practicable opportunity for small business participation.