Subpart 2831.1 - Applicability

2831.101 Objectives.

(a) The PE is the official authorized to grant individual deviations from the cost principles of FAR part 31. All requests for individual deviations must cite the facts and circumstances surrounding the request as well as attempts to negotiate contractor compliance.

(b) Requests for class deviations from the cost principles set forth in FAR part 31 will be forwarded through the PE prior to submission to the Civilian Agency Acquisition Counsel. Requests must contain the information required in paragraph (a) of this section.

2831.109 Advance agreements.

(a) The DOJ and bureau contracting officers are encouraged to negotiate advance agreements concerning the treatment of special or unusual costs to avoid possible subsequent disputes or disallowance of costs based upon unreasonableness or nonallowability. All such agreements shall be negotiated in accordance with FAR 31.109 prior to the contractor incurring such costs. Contracting officers are not authorized to agree to a treatment of costs which would be inconsistent with FAR part 31.

(b) Prior to negotiating an advance agreement, contracting officers shall make a written determination setting forth the reasons and rationale for entering into such agreements. In addition, the determination will set forth the nature, the duration, and which contract or contracts are covered by the proposed agreement. All determinations required by this subpart will be reviewed and approved at a level above the contracting officer prior to negotiation of the proposed agreement. The approved determination will be placed in the contract file.

(c) All advance agreements shall be in writing and shall set forth the nature, duration, and contract or contracts covered by the agreements. Advance agreements will be signed by both the contractor and the contracting officer, and made a part of the contract file. Copies of executed advance agreements will be distributed to the cognizant audit office when applicable.

(d) All advance agreements will be incorporated in full in the subsequent contract(s) to which they pertain, prior to award.

Subpart 2831.2 - Contracts With Commercial Organizations

2831.205 Selected costs.

2831.205-32 Precontract costs.

(a) Precontract cost authorizations shall be used only on cost reimbursement contracts, contain no provisions for payment of fees, and be treated as advance agreements in accordance with the provisions of FAR 31.109 and 2831.109.

(b) The following limitations apply to the execution of precontract cost authorizations.

(1) Contracts which are estimated to be greater than the simplified acquisition threshold may contain a precontract cost authorization providing the authorization is for a period of 60 days or less and the dollar amount does not exceed the lesser of the simplified acquisition threshold or one third of the total estimated costs (including fee if any) of the contract.

(2) the limitation expressed under paragraph (b) of this section may be increased in unusual circumstances as appropriate, with the written approval of the HCA, but in no event shall they exceed one-third of the total estimated costs (including fee if any) of the contract or be for periods of time which exceed 90 days.