Subpart 1304.2 - Contract Distribution

1304.201 Procedures.

1304.201-70 Accountable personal property.

Provide one copy of all contracts and purchase orders for accountable personal property to the appropriate Departmental property management office(s) for inclusion in the Department's personal property system in accordance with the DOC Personal Property Management Manual. Accountable personal property purchased with a Governmentwide commercial purchase card is also to be reported to the property management office.

Subpart 1304.6 - Contract Reporting

1304.602 General.

1304.602-70 Federal Procurement Data System.

Departmental Federal Procurement Data System reporting procedures are set forth in CAM 1304.602.

Subpart 1304.8 - Government Contract Files

1304.804 Closeout of contract files.

1304.804-70 Contract closeout procedures.

CAM 1304.804 supplements FAR 4.804 with the Department's contract closeout procedures.

1304.805 Storage, handling, and disposal of contract files.

1304.805-70 Storage, handling, and disposal of contract files.

CAM 1304.804 supplements FAR 4.805 with the Department's procedures for storage, handling, and disposal of contract files.

Subpart 1304.13 - Personal Identity Verification

1304.1301 Policy.

(a) Implementation of Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS PUB) 201 and OMB guidance M-05-24 is set forth in DOC Personal Identify Verification (PIV) Implementation Guidance, which is available on the Office of Security Web site.

(b) The DOC official responsible for verifying contractor employee personal identity is set forth in the DOC Personal Identify Verification (PIV) Implementation Guidance.