I-100 Purpose.

(a) This appendix implements the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program (referred to as the Program) authorizedunder 10 U.S.C. 4902. The purpose of the Program is to provide incentives to DoD contractors to furnish eligible small business concerns with assistance designed to—

(1) Enhance the capabilities of eligible small business concerns to perform as subcontractors and suppliers under DoD contracts and other contracts and subcontracts; and

(2) Increase the participation of such business concerns as subcontractors and suppliers under DoD contracts, other Federal Government contracts, and commercial contracts.

(b) Under the Program, eligible companies approved as mentor firms will enter into mentor-protege agreements with eligible protege firms to provide appropriate developmental assistance to enhance the capabilities of the protege firms to perform as subcontractors and suppliers. DoD may provide the mentor firm with either cost reimbursement or credit against applicable subcontracting goals established under contracts with DoD or other Federal agencies.

(c) DoD will measure the overall success of the Program by the extent to which the Program results in—

(1) An increase in the dollar value of contract and subcontract awards to protege firms (under DoD contracts, contracts awarded by other Federal agencies, and commercial contracts) from the date of their entry into the Program until 5 years after the conclusion of the agreement;

(2) An increase in the number and dollar value of subcontracts awarded to a protege firm (or former protege firm) by its mentor firm (or former mentor firm); and

(3) An increase in protégé participation in DoD science and technology programs; and

(4) An increase in job creation of protégé firms from the date of execution of the mentor-protégé agreement until 5 years after completion of the mentor-protégé agreement.

(d) This policy sets forth the procedures for participation in the Program applicable to companies that are interested in receiving—

(1) Reimbursement through a separate contract line item in a DoD contract or a separate contract with DoD; or

(2) Credit toward applicable subcontracting goals for costs incurred under the Program.