252.251-7000 Ordering From Government Supply Sources.

As prescribed in 251.107 , use the following clause:


(a) When placing orders under Federal Supply Schedules, Personal Property Rehabilitation Price Schedules, or Enterprise Software Agreements, the Contractor shall follow the terms of the applicable schedule or agreement and authorization. Include in each order:

(1) A copy of the authorization (unless a copy was previously furnished to the Federal Supply Schedule, Personal Property Rehabilitation Price Schedule, or Enterprise Software Agreement contractor).

(2) The following statement:

Any price reductions negotiated as part of an Enterprise Software Agreement issued under a Federal Supply Schedule contract shall control. In the event of any other inconsistencies between an Enterprise Software Agreement, established as a Federal Supply Schedule blanket purchase agreement, and the Federal Supply Schedule contract, the latter shall govern.

(3) The completed address(es) to which the Contractor's mail, freight, and billing documents are to be directed.

(b) When placing orders under nonmandatory schedule contracts and requirements contracts, issued by the General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Information Resources Management, for automated data processing equipment, software and maintenance, communications equipment and supplies, and teleprocessing services, the Contractor shall follow the terms of the applicable contract and the procedures in paragraph (a) of this clause.

(c) When placing orders for Government stock on a reimbursable basis, the Contractor shall—

(1) Comply with the requirements of the Contracting Officer's authorization, using FEDSTRIP or MILSTRIP procedures, as appropriate;

(2) Use only the GSA Form 1948-A, Retail Services Shopping Plate, when ordering from GSA Self-Service Stores;

(3) Order only those items required in the performance of Government contracts; and

(4) Pay invoices from Government supply sources promptly. For purchases made from DoD supply sources, this means within 30 days of the date of a proper invoice. The Contractor shall annotate each invoice with the date of receipt. For purposes of computing interest for late Contractor payments, the Government’s invoice is deemed to be a demand for payment in accordance with the Interest clause of this contract. The Contractor’s failure to pay may also result in the DoD supply source refusing to honor the requisition (see DFARS 251.102 (f)) or in the Contracting Officer terminating the Contractor’s authorization to use DoD supply sources. In the event the Contracting Officer decides to terminate the authorization due to the Contractor’s failure to pay in a timely manner, the Contracting Officer shall provide the Contractor with prompt written notice of the intent to terminate the authorization and the basis for such action. The Contractor shall have 10 days after receipt of the Government’s notice in which to provide additional information as to why the authorization should not be terminated. The termination shall not provide the Contractor with an excusable delay for failure to perform or complete the contract in accordance with the terms of the contract, and the Contractor shall be solely responsible for any increased costs.

(d) When placing orders for Government stock on a non-reimbursable basis, the Contractor shall—

(1) Comply with the requirements of the Contracting Officer's authorization; and

(2) When using electronic transactions to submit requisitions on a non-reimbursable basis only, place orders by authorizing contract number using the Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS) Supplement to Federal Implementation Convention 511R, Requisition; and acknowledge receipts by authorizing contract number using the DLMS Supplement 527R, Receipt, Inquiry, Response and Material Receipt Acknowledgement.

(e) Only the Contractor may request authorization for subcontractor use of Government supply sources. The Contracting Officer will not grant authorizations for subcontractor use without approval of the Contractor.

(f) Government invoices shall be submitted to the Contractor’s billing address, and Contractor payments shall be sent to the Government remittance address specified below:

Contractor’s Billing Address (include point of contact and telephone number):

Government Remittance Address (include point of contact and telephone number):

(End of clause)