252.227-7011 Assignments.

As prescribed at 227.7010 , insert the following clause in assignments.


The Contractor hereby conveys to the Government, as represented by the Secretary of ____________, the entire right, title, and interest in and to the following patents (and applications for patent), in and to the inventions thereof, and in and to all claims and demands whatsoever for infringement thereof heretofore accrued, the same to be held and enjoyed by the Government through its duly appointed representatives to the full end of the term of said patents (and to the full end of the terms of all patents which may be granted upon said applications for patent, or upon any division, continuation- in-part or continuation thereof):

U.S. Patent No.


Name of Inventor

U.S. Application Serial No.

Filing Date

Name of Inventor

Together with corresponding foreign patents and applications for patent insofar as the Contractor has the right to assign the same.

(End of clause)