247.271-3 Solicitation provisions, schedule formats, and contract clauses.

When acquiring services for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage, or for performance of intra-city or intra-area movement, use the following provisions, clauses, and schedules. Revise solicitation provisions and schedules, as appropriate, if using negotiation rather than sealed bidding. Overseas commands, except those in Alaska and Hawaii, may modify these clauses to conform to local practices, laws, and regulations.

(a) In solicitations and resulting contracts, the schedules provided by the installation personal property shipping office. Follow the procedures at PGI 247.271-3 (c) for use of schedules.

(b) In addition to designating each ordering activity, as required by the clause at FAR 52.216-18, Ordering, identify by name or position title the individuals authorized to place orders for each activity. When provisions are made for placing oral orders in accordance with FAR 16.504(a)(4)(vii)), document the oral orders in accordance with department or agency instructions.

(c) The clause at 252.247-7014 , Demurrage. See additional information at PGI 247.271-3 (c)(1) for demurrage and detention charges.

(d) The clause at 252.247-7016 , Contractor Liability for Loss and Damage.

(e) The clauses at FAR 52.247-8, Estimated Weight or Quantities Not Guaranteed, and FAR 52.247-13, Accessorial Services—Moving Contracts.