225.7001 Definitions.

As used in this subpart—

“Assembly” means an item forming a portion of a system or subsystem that—

(1) Can be provisioned and replaced as an entity; and

(2) Incorporates multiple, replaceable parts.

“Bearing components” means the bearing element, retainer, inner race, or outer race.

“Component” means any item supplied to the Government as part of an end item or of another component, except that for use in 225.7007 , the term means an article, material, or supply incorporated directly into an end product.

“Covered country” means—

(1) The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea;

(2) The People’s Republic of China;

(3) The Russian Federation; and

(4) The Islamic Republic of Iran (10 U.S.C. 4872 and 4875).

“End item,” as used in sections 225.7003 and 225.7018 , means the final production product when assembled or completed and ready for delivery under a line item of the contract (10 U.S.C. 2533b(m)).

“End product” means supplies delivered under a line item of the contract.

“Hand or measuring tools” means those tools listed in Federal supply classifications 51 and 52, respectively.

“Large medium-speed diesel engines”means diesel engines whose revolutions per minute (RPM) fall between 300 and 1500 RPM with a displacement greater than 1500 cubic inches per cylinder.

“Structural component of a tent”—

(1) Means a component that contributes to the form and stability of the tent (e.g., poles, frames, flooring, guy ropes, pegs); and

(2) Does not include equipment such as heating, cooling, or lighting.

“Subsystem” means a functional grouping of items that combine to perform a major function within an end item, such as electrical power, altitude control, and propulsion.