225.401 Exceptions.

(a)(2)(A) If a department or agency considers an individual acquisition of a product to be indispensable for national security or national defense purposes and appropriate for exclusion from the provisions of FAR subpart 25.4, it may submit a request with supporting rationale to the Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC), Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Sustainment) (OUSD(A&S)DPC). Approval by OUSD(A&S)DPC is not required if—

(1) Purchase from foreign sources is restricted by statute (see Subpart 225.70);

(2) Another exception in FAR 25.401 applies to the acquisition; or

(3) Competition from foreign sources is restricted under subpart 225.71.

(B) Public interest exceptions for certain countries when acquiring products or services in support of operations in Afghanistan are in 225.7704-1 .