217.770 Procedures.

Departments and agencies shall establish and maintain procedures for reviewing and approving orders placed for supplies and services under non-DoD contracts, whether through direct acquisition or assisted acquisition, when the amount of the order exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold. These procedures shall include—

(a) Evaluating whether using a non-DoD contract for the acquisition is in the best interest of DoD. Factors to be considered include—

(1) Satisfying customer requirements;

(2) Schedule;

(3) Cost effectiveness (taking into account discounts and fees). In order to ensure awareness of the total cost of fees associated with use of a non-DoD contract, follow the procedures at PGI 217.770 (a)(3); and

(4) Contract administration (including oversight);

(b) Determining that the tasks to be accomplished or supplies to be provided are within the scope of the contract to be used;

(c) Reviewing funding to ensure that it is used in accordance with appropriation limitations; and

(d) Collecting and reporting data on the use of assisted acquisition for analysis. Follow the reporting requirements in subpart 204.6.