209.571-7 Systems engineering and technical assistance contracts.

(a) Agencies shall obtain advice on systems architecture and systems engineering matters with respect to major defense acquisition programs or pre-major defense acquisition programs from Federally Funded Research and Development Centers or other sources independent of the major defense acquisition program contractor.

(b) Limitation on Future Contracting.

(1) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this subsection, a contract for the performance of systems engineering and technical assistance for a major defense acquisition program or a pre-major defense acquisition program shall prohibit the contractor or any affiliate of the contractor from participating as a contractor or major subcontractor in the development or production of a weapon system under such program.

(2) The requirement in paragraph (b)(1) of this subsection cannot be waived.

(c) Exception.

(1) The requirement in paragraph (b)(1) of this subsection does not apply if the head of the contracting activity determines that—

(i) An exception is necessary because DoD needs the domain experience and expertise of the highly qualified, apparently successful offeror; and

(ii) Based on the agreed-to resolution strategy, the apparently successful offeror will be able to provide objective and unbiased advice, as required by 209.571-3 (a), without a limitation on future participation in development and production.

(2) The authority to make this determination cannot be delegated.