PGI 247.271-3 Solicitation provisions, schedule formats, and contract clauses.

(c) DTR 4500.9-R, Defense Transportation Regulation, Part IV, Appendix G-3 (available at, contains guidance on schedules as follows:

Schedule I Outbound Services, Pages 6-12.

Schedule II Inbound Services, Pages 13-17.

Schedule III Intra-City and Intra-Area Moves, Page 18.

(1) Demurrage and detention charges.

(i) Carrier demurrage/detention is a charge made against a consignor (shipper) or consignee (receiver) for the extended use of carrier-furnished equipment when delays attributable to the consignor or consignee occur. Carrier demurrage/detention rules usually allow a period of free time for loading, unloading, or holding equipment.

(ii) Carrier-published demurrage/detention rules and charges are not uniform from one carrier to another. Contracting officers should specifically address them in the contract. While demurrage/detention rules are published in individual carrier tariffs or agency tenders, Contracting Officers may negotiate contract-specific demurrage/detention rules and charges independent of any existing tariffs or tenders.

(6) Process any modification of schedule format, other than those authorized in paragraph (c) of this subsection, as a request for deviation to the Commander, SDDC.