PGI 242.002 Interagency agreements.

(S-70)(iii) Upon receipt of a request for contract administration services, the CCP shall—

(A) Determine whether the request is from a friendly foreign government or an international agency in which the United States is a participant;

(B) Determine whether the services are consistent with the DoD mutual security program policies (the Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs) is the source of information for questions as to the eligibility of foreign governments to receive services);

(C) Ensure that the reimbursement arrangements are consistent with DFARS 242.002(b);

(D) Coordinate with appropriate contract administration offices to determine whether DoD can provide the services;

(E) Notify the requestor that the request is accepted, or provide reasons why it cannot be accepted;

(F) Distribute the acquisition documents and related materials to contract administration offices; and

(G) Receive statements of costs incurred by contract administration offices for reimbursable services and forward them for billing to the Security Assistance Accounting Center.