47.303-8 F.a.s. vessel, port of shipment.

(a) Explanation of delivery term."F.a.s. vessel, port of shipment" means free of expense to the Government delivered alongside the ocean vessel and within reach of its loading tackle at the specified port of shipment.

(b) Contractor responsibilities. The contractor shall-


(i) Pack and mark the shipment to comply with contract specifications; or

(ii) In the absence of specifications, prepare the shipment for ocean transportation in conformance with carrier requirements to protect the goods and to ensure assessment of the lowest applicable transportation charge;


(i) Deliver the shipment in good order and condition alongside the ocean vessel and within reach of its loading tackle, at the point of delivery and on the date or within the period specified in the contract; and

(ii) Pay and bear all applicable charges, including transportation costs, wharfage, handling, and heavy lift charges, if necessary, up to this point;

(3) Provide a clean dock or ship’s receipt;

(4) Be responsible for any loss of and/or damage to the goods occurring before delivery of the shipment to the point specified in the contract; and

(5) At the Government’s request and expense, assist in obtaining the documents required for-

(i) Exportation; or

(ii) Importation at destination.

(c) Contract clause. The contracting officer shall insert in solicitations and contracts the clause at 52.247-36, F.a.s. Vessel, Port of Shipment, when the delivery term is f.a.s. vessel, port of shipment.