32.1010 Risk of loss.

(a) Under the clause at 52.232-32, Performance-Based Payments, and except for normal spoilage, the contractor bears the risk of loss for Government property, even though title is vested in the Government, unless the Government has expressly assumed this risk. The clauses prescribed in this regulation related to performance-based payments, default, and terminations do not constitute a Government assumption of risk.

(b) If a loss occurs in connection with property for which the contractor bears the risk, and the property is needed for performance, the contractor is obligated to repay the Government the performance-based payments related to the property.

(c) The contractor is not obligated to pay for the loss of property for which the Government has assumed the risk of loss. However, a serious loss may impede the satisfactory progress of contract performance, so that the contracting officer may need to act under paragraph (e)(2) of the Performance-Based Payments clause. In addition, while the contractor is not required to repay previous performance-based payments in the event of a loss for which the Government has assumed the risk, such a loss may prevent the contractor from making the certification required by the Performance-Based Payments clause.