25.1103 Other provisions and clauses.

(a) Restrictions on certain foreign purchases. Insert the clause at 52.225-13, Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases, in solicitations and contracts, unless an exception applies.

(b) Translations. Insert the clause at 52.225-14, Inconsistency Between English Version and Translation of Contract, in solicitations and contracts if anticipating translation into another language.

(c) Foreign currency offers. Insert the provision at 52.225-17, Evaluation of Foreign Currency Offers, in solicitations that permit the use of other than a specified currency. Insert in the provision the source of the rate to be used in the evaluation of offers.

(d) The contracting officer shall include in each solicitation for the acquisition of other than commercial products or commercial services the provision at 52.225-20, Prohibition on Conducting Restricted Business Operations in Sudan—Certification.

(e) The contracting officer shall include in all solicitations the provision at 52.225-25, Prohibition on Contracting with Entities Engaging in Certain Activities or Transactions Relating to Iran-Representation and Certifications.