Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 01/31/2023
Effective Date: 01/31/2023

3-303.6 Supply feedback phase (steps 57-65).

(a) The supply feedback phase of the analysis is the final screening phase for breakout parts. This phase in completed for all AMC 2 parts to determine if sufficient time is available to break out on the immediate buy and to communicate this information to the inventory manager responsible for the requirement. First, all additional time factors required to break out the part are added. Total time is subtracted from the immediate and future buy date and the result compared to the current date. (Note: Not all time factors listed apply to each part screened.) If the result is the same or earlier than the required contract date, the part is coded competitive and action is begun to qualify additional sources as necessary. If the result is later than the required contract date, action to compete the immediate buy quantity should be initiated if the inventory manager can find some means of accepting later delivery. If this is impossible, the appropriate records should be annotated for competitive acquisition of the next replenishment buy quantity. If late delivery is acceptable, the inventory manager should compute requirements for the part and initiate an appropriate purchase requisition.

(b) Procedures.

(1) Step 57. Add all additional time factors required to break out the part (steps 13, 14, 29, and 36).

(2) Step 58. Add the results of step 57 to the date of this review.

(3) Step 59. Compare the result of step 58 to the date that the contract or order must be placed.

(4) Step 60. Is the result of step 59 earlier than, later than, or the same as the contract or order date? (If earlier or the same, proceed to step 61; if later, proceed to step 63.)

(5) Step 61. Can supply accept late delivery? If yes, proceed to step 62; if no, proceed to step 63.

(6) Step 62. Notify the inventory manager to compute requirements and initiate a purchase requisition. Proceed to step 64.

(7) Step 63. Code the part AMC 2. Insufficient time to compete on this buy.

(8) Step 64. Code the part AMC 2.

(9) Step 65. Begin actions to qualify new sources, if required and possible.