Change Number: AFFARS Change 3/1/2023
Effective Date: 03/01/2023

Part 5316 - Types of Contracts

Part 5316 - Types of Contracts


5316.103 Negotiating Contract Type

(d) See the tailorable Determination and Findings template.



5316.503 Requirements Contracts

(b)(2) Determinations for requirements contracts in an amount estimated to exceed $112M (including all options) must be approved in accordance with 5316.504 Indefinite-Quantity Contracts.

5316.504 Indefinite-Quantity Contracts

(a) Description.

(2) Upon execution of the contract, an obligation shall be recorded based upon the issuance of a delivery or task order for the cost/price of the minimum quantity specified. The Government’s actual obligation must be recorded at the time of contract award. (See DoD 7000.14-R) Volume 3, Chapter 8, paragraph 080604)

(c)(1)(ii)(D) Limitation on single award contracts.

(1) The SCO has the authority to make the written determination required by FAR 16.504(c)(1)(ii)(D)(1). When a J&A is required, a separate written determination is not required if the J&A addresses one of the circumstances at FAR 16.504(c)(1)(ii)(D)(1)(i)-(iv). Provide a copy of the written determination to SAF/AQCP.

(c)(2)(i)(A) See MP5301.601-90.

(c)(2)(i)(B) See MP5301.601-90.

(c)(2)(ii) See MP5301.601-90.

5316.505 Ordering

(b) Orders under multiple award contracts.

(1) Fair opportunity.

(ii) The contracting officer must use streamlined ordering procedures. SCOs must justify the use of FAR Subpart 15.3 Source Selection Procedures for any contract or task/delivery order, regardless of dollar value made in accordance with FAR 16.505. The SCO must submit justifications to SAF/AQC before proceeding with the source selection and/or Clearance session.

(2) Exceptions to the fair opportunity process. See 5306.304 Approval of the Justification for the approving officials for a proposed task or delivery order using the fair opportunity exceptions at FAR 16.505(b)(2). See the tailorable Justification for an Exception to Fair Opportunity template. For exceptions to fair opportunity that are intended for purposes of awarding a “Bridge Action” see 5306.303-90.

(8) Task-order and delivery-order ombudsman. See 5301.91.

5316.505-90 Decentralized Ordering

For contracts that authorize decentralized ordering (i.e., ordering by a contracting office at any other location), the contracting officer with overall responsibility for the contract must:

(a) Ensure that adequate control procedures are in place before any orders are authorized; and

(b) Exercise oversight of decentralized ordering throughout the period of performance under the contract to ensure that the procedures are followed.


5316.601 (d) Limitations

(i)(A)(1) Base period plus any option periods exceeds three years.

(i) For the Air Force, the threshold at DFARS 216.601(d)(i)(A)(1)(i) is $10 million in lieu of $1 million.

(ii) For the Air Force, the threshold at DFARS 216.601(d)(i)(A)(1)(i) is $10 million in lieu of $1 million.

(i)(A)(2) Base period plus any option periods exceeds three yearsThe SCO is authorized to approve individual determinations. In addition to the D&F requirements outlined in DFARS 216.601(d)(i)(B), the contracting officer shall address the plan to maintain appropriate government surveillance of contractor performance, including cost controls, and ensure that the contract clearly defines the supplies or services being acquired. The HCA retains the authority to approve class determinations when the contract length exceeds three years, regardless of dollar value. When HCA approval is required submit the D&F through the SCO to SAF/AQC for approval. See MP5301.601 (a)(i) Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA) Matrix.

(i)(A)(3) See MP5301.601 (a)(i) Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA) Matrix.