Change Number: AFFARS Change 05/08/2023
Effective Date: 05/08/2023

Part 5304 - Administrative Matters

Part 5304 - Administrative Matters


5304.101 Contracting Officers Signature

Contracting officers are required to sign all contract actions (either via wet signature, signature as produced by CON-IT, or digital signature produced with a DoD Public Key Infrastructure certificate using a Common Access Card), ensure contractor signatures are obtained, and maintain signed contractual documents within the official contract file.


5304.402-90 General

(a) AFMAN 16-1406V2 , National Industrial Security Program: Industrial Security Procedures for Government Activities, provides guidance for implementing the Air Force’s National Industrial Security Program.

(b) AFH 16-1406 , National Interest Determination Handbook. This instruction clarifies responsibilities and procedures for processing National Interest Determinations (NID).

(c) AFI 16-701 , Management, Administration and Oversight of Special Access Programs, establishes responsibilities for the management, administration and oversight of Special Access Programs. This instruction provides additional guidance for processing AF Special Access Program NIDs.

5304.403 Responsibilities of Contracting Officers

(a) Upon receiving adequate written justification from the requesting program office or activity, the contracting officer reviews, validates, and processes the NID and associated written approvals, in accordance with AFH 16-1406 , National Interest Determination Handbook.

(b) The contracting officer shall maintain a copy of the approved program, project, or contract specific NID package in the contract file.

5304.404-90 Additional Contract Clauses

The contracting officer must insert the clause at 5352.204-9000 Notification of Government Security Activities , Notification of Government Security Activities, in solicitations and contracts which require a DD Form 254 for performance on U.S. Government installations and overseas. The contracting officer may change the number of days specified in 5352.204-9000 Notification of Government Security Activities . If less than thirty days is used, coordinate with the servicing information protection office.


COVID -19 and CARES Act Related Actions

See Contracting Policy Memos 20-C-03 and 20-C-05 .

5304.604 (2) Responsibilities

Immediately subsequent to each contract action, the contracting officer must place approved Contract Action Report (CAR) in the official contract file. The approved CAR provides evidence that the contracting officer has reviewed and validated the accuracy of the data reflected in the CAR when a contract action is accomplished.


5304.802 Electronic Retention of Contract Files

(f) For contracting offices who have elected to use the KT Fileshare (KTFS) application, KTFS shall be used to store, access, and route documents necessary to manage the acquisition process for review and approval. Contracting officers in contracting offices using KTFS shall ensure that KTFS contains all appropriate contract documents required for the official contract file. If a contract document is maintained within the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE, or the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG)), then that system is the official system of record; contracting officers are not required to duplicate the document and file it in KTFS, unless the contracting office determines an exception applies to ensure ready accessibility to principal users (e.g., clearance reviewers, auditors) per FAR 4.802(c)(2). Examples of such documents include Contract Action Reports (see 5304.604 (2) Responsibilities), evidence of inputs to the Joint Appointment Module (JAM) (e.g., screenshots), and copies of Government-Furnished Property (GFP) attachments."

5304.803 Contents of Contract Files

SCOs may use the Air Force contract file content index templates below, or their own specific contract file content checklist or index to maintain contract files:

Operational Services and Construction

Research and Development

Systems and Logistics


5304.1001 Policy

(c) The contracting officer should refer to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Internal Use Software (IUS) Accountability found in AFMAN 17-1203 when an IUS is identified by the requiring activity.


5304.7003-90 Maintaining DoD Activity Address Codes (DoDAAC)

The contracting officer administering the contract must obtain a contractor DoDAAC (see AFMAN 23-230 ,Maintaining Air Force DoD Activity Address Codes (DoDAAC)) for contracts that furnish Government property or authorize requisition from a Government supply source. The contracting officer administering the contract must provide the DoDAAC to the program management office/requiring activity to facilitate the shipment of government furnished property. The Purpose Code Management module contained within Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) must be used to:

(a) Obtain the existing DoDAAC or submit a new DoDAAC request for all contracts awarded;

(b) Initiate contractor DoDAAC account changes, including extensions of contract completion dates and contract terminations;

(c) Initiate contractor DoDAAC deletion when the contract is physically complete, unless the DoDAAC covers other active contracts; and,

(d) Validate contractor DoDAACs in accordance with AFMAN 23-230 , paragraph 4.2.