Change Number: AFFARS Change 05/08/2023
Effective Date: 05/08/2023

5352.242-9001 Common Access Cards (CAC) for Contractor Personnel

5352.242-9001 Common Access Cards (CAC) for Contractor Personnel

As prescribed in 5342.490-2 Contract clause , insert a clause substantially the same as the following clause in solicitations and contracts:


(a) For installation(s)/location(s) cited in the contract, contractors shall ensure Common Access Cards (CACs) are obtained by all contract or subcontract personnel who meet one or both of the following criteria:

(1) Require logical access to Department of Defense computer networks and systems in either:

(i) the unclassified environment; or

(ii) the classified environment where authorized by governing security directives.

(2) Perform work, which requires the use of a CAC for installation entry control or physical access to facilities and buildings.

(b) Contractors and their personnel shall use the following procedures to obtain CACs:

(1) Contractors shall provide a listing of personnel who require a CAC to the contracting officer. The government will provide the contractor instruction on how to complete the Contractor Verification System (CVS) application and then notify the contractor when approved.

(2) Contractor personnel shall obtain a CAC from the nearest Real Time Automated Personnel Identification Documentation System (RAPIDS) Issuing Facility (typically the local Military Personnel Flight (MPF)).

(c) While visiting or performing work on installation(s)/location(s), contractor personnel shall wear or prominently display the CAC as required by the governing local policy.

(d) During the performance period of the contract, the contractor shall:

(1) Within 7 working days of any changes to the listing of the contract personnel authorized a CAC, provide an updated listing to the contracting officer who will provide the updated listing to the authorizing government official;

(2) Return CACs in accordance with local policy/directives within 7 working days of a change in status for contractor personnel who no longer require logical or physical access;

(3) Return CACs in accordance with local policy/directives within 7 working days following a CACs expiration date; and

(4) Report lost or stolen CACs in accordance with local policy/directives.

(e) Within 7 working days following completion/termination of the contract, the contractor shall return all CACs issued to their personnel to the issuing office or the location specified by local policy/directives.

(f) Failure to comply with these requirements may result in withholding of final payment.

(End of clause)